"I have always found Frank Sikkema practical, approachable and most importantly able and willing to think outside the square to contribute meaningfully to difficult construction issues as they arise. Whilst the Macquarie Builders team were more than capable of handling any challenges appropriately, Frank's willingness to stay connected to a project throughout its life is a real benefit to anyone that would engage Macquarie Builders."
- Sam Tucker, Commercial Product Delivery

"...I was so impressed by the service provided by Frank and his management and construction team that I felt compelled to go on record with my praise...it appears that it was simply the team's commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction that motivated them to always go the extra mile."
- Russell Berman, Ninety Four Feet

"It has been a pleasure working with the members of the Macquarie team to bring this project [Hadley's Hotel Refurbishment] to a successful and mutually rewarding completion. The Macquarie team worked diligently to achieve each milestone, with the team always courteous and acting in a professional manner within the operating hotel environment."
- Warren Lavis, SJA Construction Services

"The quality of workmanship has been of a high standard. The Macquarie builders team has proven to be professional, well-resourced and committed to completing our project in a timely manner... they formed an excellent rapport with me, with communication lines always open with prompt responses."
- Emmanuel Kalis, The Kalis Group

"Macquarie Builders' staff demonstrated a friendly and professional attitude, and I would happily recommend their services based on our experience."
- Brad Davie, Southern Water

"We have been extremely pleased with their performance on this project, as they have delivered us a high quality job in a very professional manner. We commend them for the work and would be pleased to engage them on any future project."
- Michael Johns, DJ Motors.pdf

"I wish to advise that Macquarie Builders undertook a difficult refurbishment of an occupied store...Macquarie Builders acted with all due diligence throughout the project and attended to any of our requests expeditiously and professionally... and we have no hesitation in recommending them for works with other clients."
- Thomas Thompson, Woolworths Limited

"Macquarie Builders have demonstrated excellent customer service, high standards of workmanship and attention to detail...We have been particularly pleased with Macquarie Builders flexibility communications and professionalism."
- Dino Russo, United Petroleum

"Since 2007 Macquarie Builders has continued to grow as a key strategic partner for RBL to assist us in delivering a quality product to our current and prospective residents. The Board has also been particularly pleased with the quality & timeliness of the product delivered. Macquarie Builders co-operation, professionalism, and attention to detail (particularly in relation to deadlines) cold not be faulted and enabled a very streamlined delivery of product to our clients."
- Michael Spinks, Roches Beach Living

"Macquarie Builders demonstrated a wealth of experience in all aspects of our project and formed a great rapport with Uniting Aged Care. We were impressed with their attention to detail, responsiveness, cost-control and the ability to complete on time."
- Uniting Aged Care

"At all times the team from Macquarie Builders acted with professionalism, care and awareness of the environment they were working within and i would certainly recommend them for future projects"
- St. Cuthberts

"The firm led by Frank Sikkema has real depth and capability. They are well resourced commited and professional in their approach to delivering projects and the standard of their work is excellent"
- St. Cuthberts

"Macquarie Builders has ensured that the finished product provided by their own tradesman or by contractors meets their standard of excellence and our expectations as the owner..."
- St. Cuthberts.pdf

"The contractor team and managers communicate clearly and confidently with the school leaders. They listen, respond and negotiate with respect and consistently meet the school's expectations. The standard of their work is high and relationships with the school as the clients are exemplary. I have no hesitation in recommending them to future clients."
- Ogilvie High School

Architects and Consultants

"The project was successfully completed by Macquarie Builders. The workmanship was of a high standard and the project was completed on time. We found the Macquarie Builders team co-operative and pleasant to deal with. They were professional at all times, leading to a successful project."
- morrison + braytenbach architects

"Our experience and recollection of Macquarie Builders is that Projects have been completed on time and to budget, and to a high level of quality and finish. Macquarie Builders employ tight professional management to ensure smooth project delivery and maintain tight control of their sub-contractors and suppliers."
- Philp Lighton Architects

"I have found Macquarie Builders to be responsive to the needs of all parties in managing a project on a difficult, multi-level site, with limited access and staged to meet the needs of an occupied school. Their project team communicated clearly with all stakeholders, responded and negotiated with respect and in a timely manner."
Locke HDM Architects

"Macquarie Builders have demonstrated sound procedural and industry knowledge and have developed good working relationships with the sub contractors and suppliers, enabling the timely and predictable work flow required for on time performance."
- Forward Brianese + Partners

"The quality of the work completed to date is evidence of Macquarie Builders' substantial experience and good attention to detail. I have found the staff to be easily contacted, helpful and easy to deal with."
- Architects Designhaus

"Macquarie Builders have good quality personnel and are well resourced. In my experience they also have good working relationships with subcontractors, together with appropriate construction management processes. I have found them to be responsive to project programming and financial accountability."
- Tim Penny Architecture

"Demonstrating a high degree of professionalism, resourcefulness and commitment to the project objectives. We would have no hesitation in recommending their inclusion on projects of this scale."
- Matrix Management Group