Demolition WorkDemolition Work, Hobart

Macquarie Builders has extensive experience and expertise with regards to building demolition works. Macquarie Builders is a Tasmanian industry leader with recent demolition projects including work at historic Parliament Square in Salamanca, and demolition work on many of our current construction projects. Macquarie Builders complies with all licensing requirements to perform demolition work.

Macquarie Builders has a deep understanding of the requirements of demolition work and takes the utmost care to perform the work with minimal interruption to both local residents and businesses and the environment. Our Parliament Square project involved the demolition of a three storey structure situated around Hobart’s Parliament House, which remained occupied for the entire project. Over the course of this project Macquarie Builders recycled over 11,000 tonnes of material and had no lost time injuries or incidents.

With recent work involving the removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials, Macquarie Builders has ensured that it complies with all relevant Australian Standards and works hand-in-hand with Workplace Health & Safety to ensure a safe working environment for staff and members of the public.