Rehabilitation Policy

Macquarie Builders is committed to providing opportunities for our staff to participate in workplace rehabilitation to facilitate a timely and safe return to normal duties following injury or illness.

Early return to work programs benefit both the staff member and the company.

We are committed to ensuring we comply with the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988


Macquarie Builders recognize workplace rehabilitation is a positive strategy for retaining the job skills of staff members who are injured or ill.

Macquarie Builders is committed to:

  • Ensuring rehabilitation commences as soon as possible following an injury or illness in accordance with medical advice.
  • Providing suitable duties where practicable, with the aim to return staff to normal duties.
  • Consulting with staff and, where appropriate, treating medical practitioners to ensure that the workplace rehabilitation procedures operate effectively and safely.
  • Ensuring that an injured staff member’s participation in a rehabilitation program does not disadvantage other staff.
  • Respecting the rights and confidentiality of staff.

Application of this policy

This policy applies to all business operations and functions.