Client: DHHS

Designer: Gilby Vollus Architects

Value: Approx. $4.5M

Duration: 12 Months

Delivery Method: Tender

Completed: January 2012

RHH Production Kitchen

Cambridge, Tasmania

The scope of works included refurbishments within an existing building to construct a new offsite production kitchen, moderating space demand within the RHH for the cafeteria and receiving kitchen that will remain on site. The Cambridge Production Kitchen will be the primary supplier of food for the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Several years later in 2018, Macquarie Builders were engaged to complete an extension to the Cambridge Production Kitchen as part of the Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment to allow for more meal preparation to occur outside of the hospital. This project consisted of extensive demolition and full refurbishment within the existing building, and additional extensions to meet the needs of a fully compliant commercial kitchen.