Apprentice / Trainee Program Policy


Macquarie Builders Apprentice Program includes the selection, appointment, induction, coaching and mentoring for all Apprentices and Trainees with-in the Macquarie Builders work force.

Apprentices and Trainees are recruited through the training organisations as deemed appropriate by the Director or Managers. Macquarie Builders will gain support, feedback and other information from these organisations if and when required.

Roles & Responsibilities

Supervisors and Site Forepersons

Supervisors and Forepersons are responsible for ensuring that Apprentices are provided with the appropriate levels of supervision at all times while on-site and while transiting to and from site for work reasons. They are also responsible for ensuring that Apprentices are placed under the supervision of an appropriate, competent tradesperson wherever possible to encourage learning and consolidation of new skills.

Leading Hands & Other Competent Tradespeople

Leading Hands and other competent tradespeople assigned to work alongside apprentices are responsible for ensuring that the apprentice is not exposed to undue risk and is capable of performing all tasks safely.

At no time is an apprentice to be left to complete a task or operate any form of plant or equipment alone, unless that apprentice has been formally assessed as competent by a qualified assessor.

Apprentices & Trainees

Apprentices are expected to take ownership for their own learning and development by:

  • Obeying all instructions given by trainers, teachers, qualified tradespeople, supervisors, managers and the Apprentice Mentors
  • Escalating any issues arising to their supervisor as soon as practicably possible. This includes any personal issues which have the potential to impact on their work performance or development
  • Conducting themselves in line with the company values, policies and procedures at all times
  • Ensuring that all paperwork and documentary evidence is completed accurately and in a timely manner in accordance with company and TAFE requirements

Managing Poor Conduct

Instances of misdemeanours, poor performance or misconduct by apprentices shall be reported to the training organisation via the Director.