India Projects

Bhusawal, Pratapgarh, Agra, Lucknow, Gopalpur & Varanasi

As a volunteer, Frank Sikkema (the sole director of Macquarie Builders) has formed an alliance with the management from ‘Empart’ ( to help them achieve the vision of planting 100,000 churches in Northern India. These sites will also contain orphanages and training centres.

Design Team 
Frank is leading the design team in providing a western type of architectural service, whilst also taking into consideration the very important needs of the local people. This is a challenging task that requires acute knowledge of the local people and the culture of each town and village we will work in. On completion, each training centre and orphanage will cater for approximately 100 young adults and will teach them the basics for a successful future.   All students will learn and graduate in starting a business, basic woodwork, personal hygiene, repairing a bicycle, sewing, cutting hair, reading and the 5 different types of religion, focusing on Christianity.

On graduation all students will be encouraged to fit into a certain place in the community that suits their skills and attributes that have been defined during the time in the training school. Some will even be leaders and teachers in the same training centre for the next group to follow through.  The student ‘graduation’ is a large celebration of music, food and dancing, attended by hundreds of people from far and wide.

All students will receive new books, clothes, sewing machines and bicycles that will serve them well in their quest for a better life.